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Welcome to The Abbey Meadow Blog

Abbey Meadow is a 4 Acre plot of land on the outskirts of Brixham.  Our hope is that, by working with nature, we turn our piece of land into a stable environment creating both diversity and productivity.  We farm sustainably, concentrating on building the quality and health of the soil in which we grow, conserving our water and using it wisely, encouraging natural predators to make their home on our land, helping us to control any pests.

In these pages you will find our story, our adventure, as we embark on a huge learning curve.  To date we have learnt (and of course go on learning) to keep and breed pigs, keep, breed and milk our herd of goats, look after our chickens and bees, look after our native hedgerows, design our water flow through the land and grow sustainably using permaculture techniques.

Please enjoy reading this blog and engage with us if you can.  We’re always happy to chat, or even show you around.  And if you have experience in any of the things we’re doing – we’re always happy to learn.

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