Beach Huts and Chickens

beach-hutsThe beach huts are finally in!  With lots of much appreciated help we have managed to get all 9 huts onto the land, including the chickens that live in them.  There’s a fair bit of repair and adjustment to be carried out to make them more usable for our purposes, but the logistical challenge of moving them all has been accomplished.

We are planning to sort through the chickens we have, sell those we don’t need, and incubate lots of eggs to increase numbers of the breeds we would like to work with.  We hope to sell hatching eggs and Point Of Lay chickens from the following breeds, all of which we currently have  –

  • Lincolnshire Buff
  • Copper Blue Maran
  • Light Sussex
  • Barred Rock
  • Silkie
  • White Leghorn
  • Polish Chamois
  • Norfolk Grey
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Speckled Maran
  • Various Bantams

And the following Ducks –

  • Indian Runners
  • Khaki Campbells
  • Silver Appleyards
  • Lavender Muscovys

All our outdoor runs now need to be sorted ready to let our birds run in much bigger areas. They have been confined to small, netted areas, due to the restrictions that were in place because of the Avian Flu outbreak.

Until recently, one half of our chicken area had pigs living on it.  These have been moved and in a rare dry moment I managed to cultivate over it in an attempt to flatten the area ready for some grass seed to be sown.

bcs-cultivatingIf you look closely you can just see Sky feeding her latest litter of piglets outside as the day was beautifully warm.  Our 3 main breeds for egg laying will live in this area, but their houses are yet to be constructed!

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