Missy – Our Oxford Sandy & Black Pig

We’ve always known that Missy was a little different from our other pigs.  For one she’s a bit unpredictable – wanting a scratch one minute and trying to have your arm off the next!  At times I’m convinced that she tries to communicate with anyone who will listen. We know she cries when she’s lonely and now she’s started singing for her food.

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Missy – our singing pig

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New Piglets

On the 28th December Missy finally had her first litter of Piglets.  We were beginning to think that there was a problem with her and to be honest this was her last chance.  A sow eats a lot of food, especially one as large as she is!

She’s a pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black and she is now the proud mother of 8 healthy piglets.  They all seem to be doing well and Missy is a very good mother.  At a week old they’re just beginning to venture outside – that’s where the fun begins for Missy!

osb piglet 1 osb piglets 2