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Sustainable Garden Design to Enjoy for Life

Edible Gardens is a Garden Design Company with a difference.

A garden is a place to relax and enjoy but can also be an extremely productive space.

We offer bespoke designs for all sizes of land from a balcony to a field.  We work closely with our clients to optimise their space, working with nature, creating a diverse environment, ensuring a design that offers both enjoyment and productivity.

Diversity leads to Stability increasing Productivity

Edible Gardens uses Permaculture techniques to design you a garden that can be extremely productive yet relatively maintenance free.  We can incorporate the growing of fresh fruit and veg and even meat production in a relatively small space.  You may be surprised what can be achieved.  As with many Permaculture projects there is normally a lot of work in the early stages – building the design and shaping the landscape, but once the garden establishes itself the work load decreases dramatically.

We offer a number of different options in the design of an “Edible Garden”


  • The process starts with an in depth consultation.  As each client’s desires and expectations differ we make sure we take time to understand those desires before any plan is put together.
  • A garden survey – We take into consideration many things before offering a design including aspect, contour, water flow, sun angles, soil type, surrounding gardens etc.
  • A plan is then designed, taking into consideration all of the above information, and presented to the client.  A plan can be changed or tweaked as many times as necessary to ensure that the final draft is acceptable to the client.


  • Clearing of your garden space and completing of the design, including planting.


  • Ongoing maintenance of your finished design.

Once a design has been agreed the client is free to choose whether to move forward to the build stage with Edible Gardens.  There is no pressure to chose Edible Gardens to complete your design for you.   Some clients may choose to complete the build themselves whilst others may employ other contractors.  Once the build is complete Edible Gardens offers a maintenance contract should it be required.

If you would like some more information or an informal chat with us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • edible-gardens@hotmail.com
  • 07896 995296

We are also more than happy to offer Garden Maintenance for any garden.  Please contact us for a quote.