Matrix Torbay Logo

In 2013 we launched into something new – we sold our business of 13 years and took a lease on the land we now have.  It’s been a slow process transforming the land with many ups and downs, successes and failures, and a huge learning curve to travel on.

Right at the start we wanted to be able to grow our own food and give away any surplus we may have.  Growing, however, has been one of those things that constantly gets neglected as there are so many other things to do and never enough time to do them in.

A few years ago, attached to our previous business, we started a charity.  On selling our business the charity sat quietly in the background, waiting for an opportunity to be relaunched – and this is the time.

Matrix Torbay will seek to provide families in Brixham with a regular, weekly food box. The charity will specifically seek to help families with children, who have experienced some sort of loss and need some short term support to help them back on their feet.

We aim to grow most of the food on the land, providing boxes of seasonal, organically grown veg, meat and eggs, with other goods being purchased from local sources as necessary.

For Matrix Torbay to succeed in it’s mission we are looking for a couple of things –

  • Volunteers who are able to give a minimum of 1 hour per week to be part of a team preparing the ground, planting, weeding and harvesting.  No gardening experience is necessary as any training or tools required will be provided.
  • People who would be willing to donate financially on a regular basis for us to fund the produce being grown or bought to fill the boxes.

If this is something that may be of interest to you, please could you fill in the form below or contact us in another way to let us know.  We will then contact you to discuss further what your commitment may be.