Welcome to the Abbey Meadow Blog.

We hope you enjoy looking through these pages and find plenty of useful information and inspiration.

We all have a story to tell.  Some stories are happy, some sad, some adventurous, some desperate, some heart breaking – but ultimately they are our stories and they are continually being written, every day, every hour, every minute of our lives.  Our choices can determine whether our stories are good or bad but one thing we can be certain of is this – our stories are not isolated, being told with no reference to anyone else’s story.  They are intertwined with those around us, our family, our friends, our wider communities, our country and in fact with the whole world.  And bigger than that our stories are told and lived within the bigger story of this earth, how we came to be here, how we live and how we will continue to exist here together.

These pages reveal an insight into our story – our hopes, dreams, struggles, discoveries and adventures.  Through them we hope to inspire and challenge you to take a fresh look at your own story, to evaluate your life and allow your story to inspire and challenge many others in return.


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